catastrophe is subjective

After ‘All Reds’, 2017
Light bulbs, cord, high voltage transformer


Untitled (Broken mirrors), 2019
Mirror, glass, glue

Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros, Mexico City
April 2017

Elvira, 2017
Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin 


At arm's length, 2017
Bronze, oil, cotton wick, fire

Untitled (Bulbul nest), 2017
Found bird nest, cigarette butts 

Untitled (Burnt canvas), 2017
Canvas, gesso, wooden stretcher


Untitled (Glasses), 2016
C-Print, brass frame

Togetherness, 2007
Wood, paint, lighter parts, gas, fire

Unittled (Wine glass), 2017
C-print, aluminum frame

Die Installation "Stolpersteine" steht in Bezug zu einem umfassenden Erinnerungsprojekt mit demselben Titel. Die tatsächlichen Stolpersteine sind auf Initiative von Gunter Demnig in vielen Städten Europas verlegt worden, zahlreiche davon auch in Münster. Sie begegnen den Menschen bei Spaziergängen, Einkäufen sowie beim Stadtbummel und erinnern an längst vergessene Vorfahren, die einst hier lebten und an das, was sie während des Zweiten Weltkrieges unter den Nationalsozialisten ertragen mussten.

Ariel Schlesinger greift die Form und Größe der Steine auf und lanciert mit seiner Installation ein künstlerisches Echo auf die Diskussion um die umstrittenen Stolpersteine und die Debatte von Demnigs Projekt.

Untitled (Stolperstine), 2015
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur Munster

Untitled (Inside Out Skull)2014 
Human skull, glue

Unititled (Three commas club), 2016
C-print, Aluminum frame

Something with numbers, 2014
Wood, measuring tape

For your consideration

In IKEA you have to follow a long, winding set path through the store: starting with the living rooms, office chairs, dining tables, mattresses, this walk eventually takes you to the sofas, kitchen supplies.. Basically, you are confronted with a giant catalogue in physical form that you can not but follow. It's all precisely planned and constructed, an arranged journey. 

But if you look closely, in every other section in that set path, you can find a hidden and discrete door, not loudly marked or labeled; these doors, we suspect, are for employee use or can be used in case of an emergency. Regular shoppers are meant to stay on the path. These doors forward you in time and throw you into random places along that planned path: you will jump from kitchen towels to office chairs, from bathroom mirrors to storage solutions.

(this is the place to add something poetic about the experience of using these doors)

Untitled (the kid), 2014
Broken glass, C-print, frame

Two good reasons, 2014
Polyurethane, motor, gears

Untitled (Burnt newspapers), 2016
Haaretz newspapers

11 hours forward, 2016
Dvir gallery, Tel Aviv 

Untitled (Netally and I), 2005
Wood, paint, pencil parts

Untitled (Masking tapes), 2003 
Relooped masking tapes


Socks holder, 2005
Used socks, cardboard, silk screen print